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NINGBO YINZHOU YIHE REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. IS A PROFESSIONAL MANUFACTURER in the field of HVAC&Ralso known as Dwin. Dwin is a brother company of RTM. Dwin plant was built in land of 7,000with advanced machines and facilities and word class full-automatic production line. Besides, Dwin has invested in R&D and been striving to further enhance its formulation to provide our clients the BEST insulation solution, including highly-qualified insulation tube, sheet / roll, flexible aluminium air duct, and some accessories, such as foam tape, PVC tape etc. For over ten years, we have accumulated rich production experience, professional sales team, reliable quality guarantee and been devoted to QUALITY-BASED market.

Dwin literally means Dual win. Externally it forecasts win for our customers and win for us. Internally it implies win for the company and win for our staff. Besides, D is the initial letter of “Da” in Chinese, in English we say “big”. Combined together it means “BIG WIN-WIN” for customers and us, which is the ideology for Dwin. Dwin: win customer-not only the profit, but also the trust; win itself-not only the market, but also more confidence for future; Dwin-Dual Win Definitely. For customer and us.